"Greatness is the ability to develop your stronger skill: humanity."

"Grandeza es la capacidad de desarrollar tu habilidad más fuerte: humanidad"

Milagros Morales


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Milagros Morales is a Data Analytics, Marketing Research, Financial Specialist, Master in Business Administration and (Ph.D.) Doctor of Philosophy in Ethical Leadership (ST). International Globe Award Winner.

"Changes are a constant in life; have you ever wondered how much your body, thoughts, and attitude change every time a crisis arises? And what do we need to change that and create opportunities? The resilience and will, allow you to stay on track until you reach the goal. These abilities allow us to rebuild and take advantage of opportunities by managing emotions and creating clear goals that lead us to achieve the objectives. The obstacles, changes, and difficulties will arise, but you achieve your dreams."

Milagros Morales